Beaufort 04


Beaufort brings visual art to the people. Beaufort is a regional cultural tourism project at the Belgian coast which brings, every three years, 30 monumental art works from national and international artists into the public space, into the natural habitat of the coastline.


Founder of Beaufort was Willy Van den Bussche, at that time director of PMMK in Ostend, who curated Beaufort twice in 2003 en 2006. He brought internationally renowned artists as Gormley, Fabre, Ai Wei Wei, Kapoor and many more to the coast. Monumental works of art were erected as beacons referring to old church towers and lighthouses, the familiar recognition points of olden days. The outside exhibition, spread over 65km coastline, was combined with an inside exhibition in PMMK.


In 2009 Phillip Van den Bossche, the curent director of Mu.ZEE (before PMMK) became curator. With his artistic selection he underlined the dialogue of the artworks and artists with the sea, the inheritance, the inhabitants and the history of the coastal municipalities.

In 2012 an artistic commission headed by Phillip Van den Bossche, curator for Beaufort04, and intendant Jan Moeyaert focused on Europe. Artists from all over Europe were invited to integrate their new or existing works into the coastal landscape. Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, engaged himself as ambassador of this fourth edition.


From the four editions several artworks were bought by both private and public partners and coastal municipalities. A Permanent Sculpture Park was growing, spreading over the different coastal municipalities. Today already 26 artworks of Beaufort found a permanent place at the Belgian coast. The Beaufort Sculpture Park is an added value for the coast also in less touristic seasons. Some other artworks were bought and placed on new locations in Belgium or abroad.